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Have CARA A.I. find you the most on-point authorities.

No more constructing complex search queries, adding and removing filters, and wondering if you’ve missed something. Research faster and get better results by searching with CARA A.I.
Research faster and get better results by searching with CARA A.I.

Better results in less time.

What would you do with an extra 210 hours this year? That’s how much the average attorney saves by researching with CARA A.I.
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How it works
Upload a document
Upload a document
Upload a brief, complaint, or other document that CARA can use to understand what you’re working on.
CARA A.I. finds you tailored results
CARA A.I. finds you tailored results
Based on what it knows about your matter, CARA A.I. searches Casetext’s database for the most relevant results.
Review on-point authorities
Review on-point authorities
CARA A.I. recommends relevant cases, statutes, briefs, black letter law, and more.
Your briefing process – enhanced by CARA A.I.
Get up-to-speed on an issue
Review the cases opposing counsel relies on
Upload opposing counsel’s brief to CARA A.I. see a list of authorities they cited, linked to the underlying cases and statutes.
Find on-point authorities in seconds
Find on-point authorities in seconds
Upload a document from your case to CARA A.I. to find authorities with the same legal issues, facts, and jurisdiction — no need to construct a complex search query.
Uncover cases opposing counsel missed.
Uncover cases opposing counsel missed.
Drag and drop opposing counsel’s brief into CARA A.I. to see the authorities they didn’t find — or intentionally left out.
File with confidence
Run your draft brief through CARA A.I. to be sure you’ve found all the best support for your arguments, and that it’s all still good law.

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Small Law Firm
“I particularly like the artificial intelligence feature, CARA A.I. It makes the research process much more targeted and efficient, and helps me identify statutes, regulations, and case law that otherwise might be overlooked.”
Cory Silkman
Solo Attorney, Silkman LLC
Big Law Firm
“We subscribed because we believed CARA would help O’Melveny’s world-class litigators continue to provide the best service for our clients supported by cutting-edge legal technology, and our expectations have been met.”
Jeff Rovner
Managing Director for Information, O’Melveny & Myers LLP
“In a perfect world, litigants would cite to all relevant case law in their briefs. In the real world, litigants often do not. CARA can help judges and their clerks quickly find important case law that the parties may have overlooked.
Judge Kevin Burke
former president, American Judges Association
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