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All the features you expect from a research platform — but on steroids.
Cases summarized — by judges
Cases summarized — by judges
Understand what a case is about before you start reading, thanks to a judge’s summary (not an anonymous editor’s)
Case treatment flags — even more detailed
Case treatment flags — with deeper insights
Have SmartCite show you how a case was treated. In addition to the typical flags and citing authorities, you’ll get orange flags that show you when a case hasn’t been overturned, but relies on another case that was.
Cited passages — and cases with similar passages
Passages that were cited — and cases with similar passages
Dive deep into a case’s treatment by seeing how particular passages have been cited, and use SmartNotes to discover cases that discuss similar issues (even if they didn’t cite to your case).
Statutes annotated — plus definitions at your fingertips
Statutes annotated — plus definitions at your fingertips
See how statutes have been applied. And thanks to Statute Definitions, you’ll never misread a term in a statute again.
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