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Casetext has research tools designed to help you find what you need for your clients, fast. Affordable pricing, all jurisdictions – no out-of-plan fees.
The features you expect out of traditional legal research platforms – but better
Natural language search makes searching on Casetext as easy as on Google.
Research the way you like – No (boolean /s required)
Natural language search makes searching on Casetext as easy as on Google. Champion at boolean queries? Search Casetext by boolean, or pull up a case by name or citation.
The Smartest Way to Search
Drag & Drop Any Legal Document
Let our award-winning A.I. technology, CARA, do the hard work for you. Just drag and drop ANY document (with or without citations) to instantly find on-point results.
Filter out the noise
Useful filters to find on-point results faster
No one wants to dig through 10,000 search results to find an on-point case. Use the filters you’re used to…
  • Jurisdiction
  • Date
  • Published and unpublished
    …and add unique filters for more on-point results.
  • Party type
  • Motion type
  • Cause of action
Easily evaluate your results
Flags on bad law

Flags on bad law (citator)

Red, orange, and yellow flags to give you a heads up before you start reading.

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Is that case click-worthy?

Is that case click-worthy?

Read the paragraphs where your search terms appear before you leave the results page.

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Labeled results

Labeled results

Skim through results with confidence using our clear labels, like cause of action and motion type.

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Case summaries by judges

Case summaries by judges

Trust case summaries for a change. Ours are written by judges — not some anonymous editor.

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  • Unlimited access to 50-state and federal cases, statutes, regulations, and rules
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  • Annotated codified law
  • Check for bad law with Casetext’s advanced citator
  • Amazing customer support
Casetext has everything that Lexis has, for a lot less money. In fact, it has more.”

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