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Legal research with Parallel Search is easy. Simply type a complete sentence, such as an argument you want to support with case law, and hit search. Parallel Search will quickly locate cases with matching concepts, even if your search query contains none of the same language.

Save hours on legal research with superior search technology

Parallel Search is the one-of-a-kind legal research engine that finds the law you need in minutes. Built on the most cutting-edge AI and tailored to the way lawyers search, Parallel Search helps you save time on legal research so you can better serve your clients and take on more cases.

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In an era where anything can be “googled,” legal research is still one of the most time-consuming and expensive tasks for most lawyers. Casetext set out to solve this problem by leveraging transformer-based neural nets, a pioneering form of AI.

The result is Parallel Search, the efficient and effective legal research tool that brings legal research up-to-speed. And just like Google, Parallel Search is 100% free.

Modern search technology 
that finds cases Lexis and Westlaw miss

Traditional search technology matches queries with cases based on words and synonyms. That only gets you so far in legal research, where arguments are based on concepts and analogies.

Parallel Search is the modern search technology you can’t find anywhere else. Using advanced AI, Parallel Search finds on-point authorities that are conceptually similar to a sentence, retrieving more accurate results faster.

Skip the tricky Boolean

No need to waste time trying to formulate Boolean queries. Search an argument from your brief and get on-point law without the hassle.

Go beyond keywords

Keyword searches limit results to literal keyword matches. Parallel Search understands concepts, so you’ll find relevant cases you’d otherwise miss, not just matching keywords.

Get better results faster

Quickly find the authority you need for statements you know to be true, without getting the extraneous, irrelevant case law.

As easy as googling, with better results

See how Parallel Search instantly streamlines legal research

A faster, smarter, and more affordable alternative to Lexis and Westlaw

Get reliable search results while saving time and money. Learn more about the advantages of Casetext and our unbeatable pricing.

Significant time-savings

Attorneys using Parallel Search save an average of 11.5 hours every month. Learn more about the benefits of Parallel Search.

Easily search case law, statutes, briefs, and more

Instantly find relevant law, whether you’re searching state and federal case law, statutes, rules, regulations, briefs, or secondary sources. You can even search our collection of practice guides with Parallel Search, so you can find the practical guidance you need fast.

Client Testimonials

Discover how Parallel Search helps lawyers practice more efficiently while reducing costs

Bill Fritz (CA)

Business & Bankruptcy Attorney Bill Fritz, partner in a small law firm, credits Parallel Search with helping him find relevant cases in minutes, allowing him to expedite settlement and cut expenses.

Joseph Gibson (MD)

Joseph Gibson, Managing Attorney of the Employment Law Center of Maryland, discusses how Parallel Search allows him to find the law he needs quickly, so he can provide better service to more clients and improve access to justice.

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