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3 Ways GC’s Can Prepare for the COVID-19 Economy

Smaller margins, increased risks, and remote workforces are the new normal in the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, and the role of the General Counsel is rapidly evolving to keep up. If you are feeling confused, unprepared, and unsure where to begin, you are not alone.

Bradley Gayton, General Counsel of the Ford Motor Company, shares the following three tips for being the GC your executives need:

1. Be on top of the best tech for the times.

Stay up to date on what technology your team could be using to work more efficiently and reduce the need for outside counsel.

2. Show you can help keep costs down.

Proactively show the executives at your company how the legal department is affecting the businesses bottom line.

3. Don’t be afraid to put pressure on outside counsel.

Push back against outside counsel who are hesitant to evolve their billing models and work with your company long-term.

Listen to our interview with Bradley on the Modern Lawyer Podcast to hear more about how the legal department can be an asset to a company’s executives, and go from being a cost center to a business partner.

The Modern Lawyer Podcast

The Next Generation GC

Bradley Gayton, the General Counsel and Chief Administrative Officer of Ford Motor Company, ranked #12 in the Fortune 500. He’s interested in changing the business model in law. In this episode, Bradley shares his thoughts on outside counsel as “part of the family”, viewing a case from the perspective of business from cradle to grave, and promoting diversity not just at Ford but in the legal industry as a whole.

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